Certified Refurbished Renewed Process 2021 MegaTechPC Laptops and Desktops

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Intake, Inspection and Technical Procedures

Certified Refurbished Renewed Process 2021 MegaTechPC Laptops and Desktops

Product Arrival

September 7th, 2018 – Upon arrival all products are unpacked. Then individually inspected as per the Certified Refurbished program. A visual “Grading process” is necessary to start the refurbish process. After a thorough visual inspection and evaluation, they’re separated based on “visual grade” level. Furthermore they’re prepped for internal inspection. And most importantly they’re refurbished following Strict Expert Technical Guidelines and Certified Refurbished Specifications.

Review MegaTechPC’s Product Policy:

1. Visual inspection and checklist.

-A clear and thorough overview of the product is mandatory. Certified Refurbished Technicians first look for scratches, dents, dings, cracks (from impacts), enclosure alignment, proper closure and locking (laptop/desktop cases), rattling noises from internal damage and battery attachment. Inspect screen condition and grade separately. Turn System on check for proper power supply.

MegaTechPC is an Amazon Certified Renewed Seller

2. Review checklist, refurbish and clean per visual inspection

First, a Checklist and review for each item is required. Second the Completion of each item as also required. And third and more importantly, Annotate each requirement as completed on checklist

3. Run System Diagnostic

Power on system. Test hardware for malfunctions and inconsistencies. Review diagnostics and repair hardware as needed

4. Re-Install or “image” operating system per specs

Run Operating System Diagnostics. Inspect for Hardware/Operating System conflict. Update operating system and update drivers as needed. Last but not least Inspect the overall system operation for stability

5. Upon internal and external certified refurbished completion

Review certified checklist. Prepare unit for retail

6. Upon sale

Package product, Label, Ship

Does The Certified Process Make the Computer Brand New?

No, However it Does Insure The Computer Has Been Through A Thorough Refurbishing Process and Warrantied for 1 Year.

Certified Refurbished Renewed Process 2021 MegaTechPC Laptops and Desktops


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