New Scratch and Dent Division

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We’ve opened our shop to the scratch and dent market by offering units we’ve typically wholesaled. These units cannot be sold as Grade A or B and must be discounted further as their appearance will show a many imperfections.

These imperfections will not effect operational use of the computer as all units will or have been tested and cleared. We’ll do our best to make the scratch and dent units look as good as possible however there will be visual markings, scratches, dents, dings, cracks etc… This includes all external parts as well as the screen which may show a small scratch or scratches.

The same intake and refurbished procedures will be applied. Your purchase will have a thorough inspection. Repair process will apply if needed. unit will be properly cleaned and all visual repairs will be handled accordingly.

Typically “Scratch and Dent” computers are NOT covered by a warranty and shipping must be paid by the buyer. At MegaTechPC, we offer the same 1 Year Warranty and Free Shipping on all Scratch and Dent Units.

We extend this offer as a courtesy to everyone as the growing costs of inflation effect us all. The extra savings with the same warranty benefits can open new doors for small businesses, schools, small municipalities and the like. The savings increase when buying scratch and dent in bulk. We’ll cater every bulk deal to the individual buyers needs. 20 scratch and dent units or more will yield greater savings.

So, would you rather pay full retail including tax for the latest and greatest which is technically already old? Or, would you rather save a bunch of money buying Refurbished with a 1 year warranty and free shipping that’s already discounted up to a potential 70% off Retail? The answer is clear to me!

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