XPOS Merchant to Consumer 2019

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CryptoCurrency & Purchase Power

We’ve opened our doors to a Global Community with Cost Effective Purchasing Power! Transaction Fees, Conversion Fees, Wire Transfer Fees and the like are a THING OF THE PAST! BlockChain Technology is Inexpensive and allows P2P or B2B to Securely Transfer Funds at virtually no cost. As a Result, We Now Service Countries within the Continents of Africa, Europe and South America. And more Countries around the Globe like Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. 
Countries are No Longer burdened by traditional banking and conversion fees by utilizing Crypto Assets. Transactions take place almost Instantly! And through Pundi X your funds reach their destination within 0.5 seconds utilizing XWALLET and the XPOS Point of Sale System. The Wait is Over
The XPOS device and XWALLET empowers Merchants and Consumers to transact at physical locations throughout the world! In person, over the internet, over a phone call or through a company website, the versatility is unmatched. Security is of the highest priority and blockchain technology offers the highest level of security for any transaction B2B or P2P.

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