Christmas Sales

Christmas is Upon Us!

Greetings From MegaTechPC

christmas sales

Once Again We Find Ourselves Submersed in Yet Another Holiday Season.

Every year it’s the same thing, hurry up and buy, HURRY UP AND BUY! But WHAAAAAT???? I don’t know what to Buy! Where are the best Holiday Specials? Yes the convenience of online shopping is even MORE convenient than past years. New ways to buy your gifts and ever changing shopping experiences paving way to the Future of Commerce. Soon, you’ll be able to get your products within the Hour. Yes, The HOUR! Anything in the world within an HOUR. Crazy right? Pizza Hut was on to something back in the day, they’re fixing potholes now. Technology had to catch up and it has in a big way. So yeah, here you are! And you’re in the right place.

christmas specials

You’ve arrived at MegaTechPC and guess what?

That’s right, we have computers. Lots and Lots of Computers. Not only are they refurbished and “like new” but they come with a phenomenal warranty and won’t break your bank. We’ll get into the warranty later. Let me go over what we offer. We have Laptops, Desktops, Workstations other kinds of Laptops and Desktops and Workstations and soon we’ll have Gaming Systems through our sister company GamerzGamerz.com. WOW! wait, does that mean there’s an affordable gaming system for my kid? YEEEEES, and sooner than you think. I believe, and don’t quote me, but they’ll be under $500 and totally game-able. I’ll talk more about the gaming systems and the details in our next blog post.

holiday sale

Lets delve into Convenience shall we?

Here’s how the whole process works at our site. You land on megatechpc.com, search out what you want whether it’s for you or someone else. Then, you click on “add to cart” and when you’re done adding all the goodies to your cart you click on “view cart” which allows you to make sure you’re about to buy the right items. Once you’re done checking out all the awesome computers you’re about to get, click on “proceed to checkout” and BAM you’re almost done! Then, Fill out the pertinent information, click “place order” and your products are on their way. That couldn’t be easier could it? Well maybe but its what we got.

So That’s about all folks! We have pretty amazing sales that come with an industry leading Warranty and if you have any issues we’re extremely friendly and always willing to help. We appreciate our customers and we thank you all for supporting us!

Have an Incredible Holiday Season!


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